R48 dates to the 1930s, a period of phenomenal development for Tel Aviv when architects from Europe arrived in Israel and applied their expertise in the avant-garde International Style.


The ambitious, architectural transformation was carried out by the Tel Aviv-based studio that embraces architecture, art and philosophy. Through careful restoration, the preserved Bauhaus building is extended with a glass façade that bathes the hotel in beautiful light and creates the space for 11 generous suites and two signature restaurants. With features that include wraparound balconies, emblematic thermometer windows, and a sleek, curvilinear staircase, R48 is a shining example of the international-style architecture.


The interiors were developed by the world-renowned Studio Christian Liaigre, who have imbued the spacious suites and common areas with timeless sophistication, finely crafted furnishings, and a thoughtful approach to comfort. For over thirty years, the Liaigre signature has been synonymous with high standards and refinement. Straight from the beginning, the thought process regarding design drawing on natural materials and excellent workmanship, matches a concept that privileges arts and crafts in the spirit and tradition of French furniture.


Revered landscape architect Piet Oudolf, best known for the High Line Garden in New York City and a leading figure of the ‘New Perennial movement’, was entrusted with composing a series of natural vignettes. Lush plantings on the main terraces and greenery around the rooftop pool area contribute to sense of seaside ease.

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